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The way you choose to tailor your home speaks spades about your character, and in no place is that more obvious than the exterior of your home. From the color, to the material, to the style of the trim, your home says a lot about who you are.

With new Hansons Windows vinyl siding, you can redefine your own character as well as that of your home. Hansons Windows has all the options for the perfect design and easy installation.

A proper vinyl siding job can do a lot more than improve your curb appeal. New Hansons Windows vinyl siding works wonders in protecting your home from all of the elements. Hansons Windows vinyl siding specialists can find the best fit for your home to keep the moisture locked out. Without proper Hansons Windows siding, moisture can seep through and rain, snow and frost and will quickly soften the sheathing and degrade the structural integrity of your entire home.

Likewise, new technology has created siding that can block out additional contaminants like mold, dust mites and bacteria. These contaminants can cause major problems for your family through allergic, respiratory and other health problems. Poorly kept, old or ill-installed siding leaves a welcome mat for mites, carpenter ants, termites, wasps, cluster flies and more. All of these pests can create colonies within the walls and siding of your home. Some even feast on and destroy the wooden frame of the home.

At Hansons Windows, we’ll help you choose the right siding for your home, and make sure that it’s carefully installed to insure maximum protection from the elements and other unsavory variables. With appropriate care, and the right selection mingled with professional installation from a Hansons Windows siding specialist you’ll have a new look that will protect your family and your home for years to come.

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Customer Satisfaction

Check out what satisfied Hansons customers are saying about their windows, roofing, and siding, installed by Hansons Windows!

The Hansons Windows team did a wonderful job on our siding and gutters. From our salesman, Larry, to the crew leader, Liz, to the crew themselves --- it was a great experience. The job was completed yesterday and we are already noticing a difference in the house. Before any work was done, our house had a 20 degree difference between the downstairs and upstairs. After the windows were put in by Hansons a couple years ago, the degree difference dropped to a 10 degree difference. Now that the siding has been installed, however, the temperature is the same! What a great improvement! The Hansons crew was polite and clean. We will advise all of our friends and family to call Hansons for their window, siding and roofing needs.
--- Scott G. Troy, Michigan

What a wonderful experience we had with your company. This was our first experience with Hansons Windows and we have nothing but high praise for the employees that helped us with our purchase. Also, the window installers (Chris and Matt) were exceptional. Their workmanship and manners were the icing on the cake. My wife and I are elated with the finished product.---Danielle S. Troy, Michigan